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The real story behind gentrification

Scene: the Cub is playing with a little Lego bulldozer I helped him make last night, modeled vaguely on the character Muck from Bob the Builder, his favourite show of the moment. His giant stuffed penguin Tango (named after the character from And Tango Makes Three) is also present.

Lynxcub: I want Tango and Muck to get to know each other!

Me: Does that mean Muck and her friends are doing construction at the Central Park Zoo (where Tango lives, in the book)?

Lynxcub: Yes.

Me: What are they building? An enclosure for some new type of animal?

Lynxcub: Yes.

Me: What kind?

Lynxcub: (thinks for a moment) Humans!

Me: They're building an enclosure for humans at the zoo? What, so the animals can come see us the way go see them?

Lynxcub: (in his talking-down-to-a-slow-learner voice) Muime, humans are animals.

Me: I know that, honey. I meant the other kinds of animals.

Lynxcub: (doesn't initially respond, due to being distracted by driving Lego Muck all over the place. Then...) Actually, it's for dead people.

Me: What, the human enclosure at the zoo?

Lynxcub: Yes.

Me: Er... How would that work, exactly? Do you mean it's for ghosts, or it's a kind of graveyard, or what?

Lynxcub: It's a kind of graveyard, for all the people who died in all the wars. It's for the people who loved them. And it has a kitchen, where they can make some food.

Me: (trying to parse this) Um... You mean, the living people make food there for their dead loved ones who are buried in the graveyard?

Lynxcub: (cheerfully) Yes!

Me: Oh, do you mean like that altar we saw at the Day of Dead celebration? With all the fruit and stuff on it?

Lynxcub: Yes! Just like the Day of the Dead!

Me: OK, that sounds like a nice idea. So, what do we need to do? Which machines will we need to make the graveyard and the altar?

Lynxcub: (sounding tired) Actually, let's just build some condos.
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